Five Clever Ways to Keep Kids Safe This Summer

The joys of outdoor play in the summer can make your kids feel carefree, but sometimes all that freedom can cross the fine line into careless. Dangers come in many forms when your kids are spending so much extra time outdoors. These clever ways to keep kids safe this summer will help you navigate your child’s desires without the danger.

Wear Bright Colors When Biking

We know to wear a helmet and even elbow or knee pads when biking, but often it is not enough. Accidents involving bikes are commonly an issue with motorists not seeing the bicyclists, not bicyclists being dangerous. You can protect your kids from this by dressing them in brightly colored clothes when they are biking. Especially since kids are small and can easily be blocked from view by a large vehicle’s dashboard, putting your kids in neon orange or green can really help keep them safe!

Sunscreen Sticks

Another modern safety invention which can protect your child from sunburn is the sunscreen stick. These sticks apply like lip balm and can be used for any hard to reach areas of your kid’s skin. They work especially well for the face! They are safer than sunscreen spray because spray actually requires you to rub in the solution after spraying it on. Since most parents skip rubbing in the sunscreen, kids still end up getting burnt. Using a sunscreen stick can keep kids safe from the sun’s hot rays this summer.

Buy New Life Jackets

Traditional style life jackets can be uncomfortable for kids as they scrunch towards their neck when swimming. Modern styles of life jackets are only tight around the arms and are much more comfortable for children to swim in. This style is often called a “puddle jumper,” but you can find ones that are coast guard approved for use in deep water and on boats. Staying safe at the lake or pool means your kid should always wear a life jacket. The best way to get your kid to agree to this safety measure is to buy a life jacket they actually like!

Bubble Bath Time

Nightly baths often fall by the wayside this time of year, but they are just as important as ever! During the nightly bubble bath, inspect your child for ticks to protect them from contracting lyme disease and other ailments spread by the little buggers. You should also cleanse sensitive areas with clean water to prevent infections from granules of sand in their crevices and hair. Keeping them clean can also be keeping them safe!

Bonfire Boundaries

We love to enjoy an evening bonfire in the summer, but what about the kids? Protect them from the dangers of fire by laying a boundary for them to understand how far away from flames they need to stay. Try using a rope or garden hose around the fire pit to outline where the kids will be safe and where they might not.

Staying safe with the kids this summer is important! Activities outside can bring danger, but with a few simple steps, you won’t have to cut back on the fun. Protect the kids from sun, fire, water, bugs, and accidents by taking some of the precautions outlined here. Stay tuned to the Greater St. Cloud Public Safety Foundation’s Facebook page for fun upcoming events and more safety tips.