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4 Great Careers in Public Safety

4 Great Careers in Public Safety

Helping others is part of what makes us who we are, and for the portion of us that feel the calling to help everyone just mentioned in our community, a career in public safety is rewardingly suitable. Here are common careers you can choose to make a difference and keep others safe.

Ideas to Give Back to Your Community This Holiday Season

The holidays bring out the spirit of giving, making it the perfect time to focus on giving back to your community. Sure, it’s great to drop change into a Red Cross bucket or donate to a charity, but giving your time to local community initiatives has many added...

How To Dress Your Child For the Colder Weather

As the cold winds start to blow in, children are exposed to an increased risk of health issues. The common cold can quickly turn to more serious ailments when left unchecked. Protect your child’s immune system by dressing them appropriately for the weather–even if they do not want to.

The Grand Opening of the First Community OutPost

The Grand Opening of the First Community OutPost

The Community OutPost has been an ongoing project for the Greater St. Cloud Public Safety Foundation. We’ve been anticipating the opening of the OutPost all summer, and on August 18th, we were very happy to celebrated the grand opening of our first (and hopefully not...

Five Clever Ways to Keep Kids Safe This Summer

The joys of outdoor play in the summer can make your kids feel carefree, but sometimes all that freedom can cross the fine line into careless. Dangers come in many forms when your kids are spending so much extra time outdoors. These clever ways to keep kids safe this...

An Update on the Community OutPost House

One of our most exciting endeavors is the construction of the Community OutPost House; a facility that will serve as a hub for neighborhood police officers, a community gathering space, and a center for various community-based programs and activities. Construction...