The holidays bring out the spirit of giving, making it the perfect time to focus on giving back to your community.

Sure, it’s great to drop change into a Red Cross bucket or donate to a charity, but giving your time to local community initiatives has many added benefits. First, you make connections with neighbors in your community. Second, you can hone your talents from volunteering your skills to a cause. Most importantly, you’ll see positive changes in the people and places in your community.

Try giving the gift of your time this holiday season with one of these awesome ideas:



Community Advocacy




  • Organize a trash clean up in your neighborhood
  • Start an indoor community garden
  • Grow fruits and vegetables for your neighbors
  • If possible, take public transportation to work
  • Volunteer for park cleanup or restoration work
  • Serving at a recycling facility
  • Teach environmental preservation skills to members of your community:
  • Volunteer for a climate advocacy group

Hunger and Homelessness

  • Help at a food pantry
  • Gather supplies from your neighbors to give to a homeless shelter
  • Offer outings to your neighbors in homeless shelters
  • Serve meals at homeless shelters
  • Teach skills classes to your neighbors in homeless shelters
  • Repair clothing for neighbors in homeless shelters

Senior Citizens


One of these fantastic ways to give back may suit well as a new Holiday tradition in your family. But remember,  although the Holiday Season is a popular time to give back to your community, you can help out all year round.


Visit to find more public service opportunities in your community.