We often hear about how challenging it is to work in a public safety occupation. It is sometimes very physically and emotionally demanding. TV shows and movies often depict police officers as neglecting their families or never having enough time for their spouses. What we don’t hear enough are the reasons why so many people choose to pursue a career as an EMT, firefighter, police officer, or other public service roles. There are lots of rewarding reasons to pursue a career in the public realm, but here are our Top 5.

It’s More Than a Steady Paycheck

Most of us believe that public safety personnel don’t get paid enough for their incredible service, but most departments offer competitive salaries. Many public servants are the primary breadwinners in their family. Wages can vary based on the time of a shift, years of experience, and additional training. Promotions are also possible as your career continues!

Job Satisfaction

What you’ll probably hear most from those who work in public safety is how rewarding their job is on a daily basis. They are actively involved in the community and can see the impact they are making. They have ample opportunities to help people in need and even save lives!

Stellar Benefits

In addition to sustainable pay, public safety occupations enjoy some of the best health benefits for themselves and their families. Another big benefit that comes later is retirement. Many individuals are offered retirement after 20 or 25 years of service due to the demands of their job. Some retirement packages accrue at higher rates than most careers offer, meaning these great benefits come sooner for public safety employees.

A Fun and Exciting Place to Work

Getting into the public sector doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with a boring desk job. Many public safety jobs, like law enforcement and firefighting, are an adventure each and every day!

Continued Growth Throughout a Career

Several public safety careers offer continuing education, training, and ways to challenge yourself to grow both personally and professionally. You could even consider training to join the SWAT, VOTF, investigation, or other specialty teams.


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